We build and create brands.

Just a taste of some of the companies we work with and the identity packages we have created with them.



CLIENT   |   Seamus Golf Co.

We are trying to come up with clever words that don't make us sound dumb...



CLIENT   |   Fescue Project

We are trying to come up with clever words that don't make us sound dumb...



If you don't know who 10 Barrel Brewing is then you must not like good beer. Love them or hate them, these guys are awesome and they make great beer. We worked with them since day one on all of their branding and packaging, before they were part of the "evil" beer corporation.  



This project is kind of cheating...a few years ago we started this brand with our buddy Justin from Westbound Co. We made iPhone amplifiers from a piece of NW Alder, Pendleton Wool, and a real Buffalo horn. Yeah, they were awesome. We did a super limited run of 500 and shut 'er down. We had a blast on the branding and packaging so we thought we should highlight it on our site.




We are trying to come up with clever words that don't make us sound dumb...



CLIENT   |   flyte camp

Camping is awesome, and Flyte Camp takes it to the next level. They take destroyed vintage trailers and give them new life. They are so awesome they even had their own TV show.




We like to eat food. And like most, we keep our food in cabinets. Allen's Fine Woodworking make the best looking, highest quality cabinets around. We created an icon with them that represents their hometown in the Pacific Northwest and speaks to the quality and craftsmanship of their product.



CLIENT   |   Freebridge Brewing

These guys make great beer. They know it and we know it and they came to us to help everyone else know it. Located in the oldest government mint building in the Northwest, they needed an identity to help them look as good as their brewery.


CLIENT   |   Slopeswell cider co.

The Columbia River Gorge is literally surrounded by apple orchards. The only logical use for all those sweet apples is to let them ferment and make some amazing ciders. The guys at Slopeswell know how to make amazing cider and wanted an icon to show their connection to the water and the elements that surround them. Oh wait, Apple Pie... that would be another good thing to do with apples.




Sleeping is overrated and the best way that we have found around the W&Co studio is to drink coffee. Lots of coffee. In doing so we have become self proclaimed coffee "experts". Bend Roasting came to us to brand their company and help introduce their already amazing beans to the world.