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10 Barrel Brewing

We originally teamed up with the boys at 10 Barrel years ago to help them rebrand their brewery. Over the last decade we have worked with them to create logos, labels, cans, cartons, boxes, and anything else we could slap a logo on. Our relationship kind of went into a holding pattern when they were purchased by Anheuser Busch a few years ago but we still love ‘em. Haters will hate and beer snobs give them a hard time for “selling out”. The way we see it, they sold up not out. We will defend them to the end because they are still cool dudes making great beer in our home town. 

PROJECT   |   Brewery Branding • Art Direction • Can Design and Production • Apparel

*All photos from @10barrel

PROJECT   |   6 Pack Carriers

PROJECT   |   Labels & Cans

PROJECT   |   Beer Box