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We are Wilde & Co

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We are a creative studio with a focus on creating and shaping brands that people relate to and rely on. We are the guys who make your stuff. No mystery, no smoke and mirrors. We will get to know you, as a person, as a brand, and as a company.

For over a decade we have worked with various product peddlers, Action Sports brands, and breweries in creating everything from Snowboard Graphics and Surf ads to Brand Books and Sublimated fabrics. We love mountains, hops, water, trails, and we love creating brands and products that help people enjoy these to the fullest. The brand building knowledge that we have gained from working in these industries has given us the insight to reach your consumer, whether they prefer sliding on the snow, walking down the street, or sitting on the couch. We will help you reach your target.

Brand Creation and Design is our passion, and we want to roll up our sleeves and work with you in educating the people you need to educate. We are driven by a love of the great outdoors, the smell of pine trees, quality design, and helping awesome brands be a little more awesome. Long story short, we do good work for good people and we have been lucky enough to not only build up a pretty rad client list, but also to add those clients to our list of friends...


Here is a list of stuff we do:

  • Art Direction

  • Brand Strategy and Brand Development

  • Identity - Logo Marks, Usage Guidelines and Implementation

  • Product and Textile Development

  • Beer Sampling

  • Photography - Product, Lifestyle, , Post Production

  • Copywriting - Brand Story, Product Description, etc...

  • Casual Adventuring

  • Lookbook / Catalog - Consumer and Dealer

  • Branded Merch - Apparel, Glassware, Stickers, etc...

  • Online Presence - Web Design, Social Media, etc...

  • Environmental Design - Shop / Tradeshow Buildouts

  • Trend Research and Forecasting

  • High Fives & Hand Shakes

Some of our friends and clients: