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New Brewing Project in the Laurentians

As you probably know, we have had a blast working in the beer industry for the last decade. Our love of creating stuff for beer has led us to a new exciting project. We have recently teamed up with some of our Canadian brethren to start a new brewing project. Located in the foothills of the Laurentian Mountains in the Province of Quebec we have created the Mont Tremblant Beer Company. We are still in the early stages but here is the website for the project. The beer recipes are being dialed in, we are clearing the land for the pub and production facility, the cans are getting ready to go into production, and we are stoked.

Located just a few miles down the hill from the Tremblant Resort, we are on the main drag to and from the mountain which is an amazing little ski hill that instantly transports you to the mountains of France.

UPDATE: We have some shiny new MTB Co. apparel printed by our buddies at the Landmark Project. We will keep you posted on the beer can production and any other fun stuff we come up with along the way.


Chad DeWilde